We encourage regular members of the church to contribute to the vision of the church and the activities associated with it.  Apart  from income from our hall rentals, fees for weddings and funerals and occasional grants from charitable bodies, donations and regular giving by our congregation are our only source of income. We don't, despite what many people think, get money from the government, nor do we have huge investments.

You can give in a few different ways...

1) On Sundays.  There is a plate  at the back of church. We don't pass round a bag or plate.
2) Regular Giving . You can give through our envelope scheme, or directly from your bank account. Get in touch if you would like to give this way.  If you can gift aid your donation, then we will be able to reclaim tax from the Inland Revenue, which is a real help.

For more information, please get in touch with us on our Contact page.